Calgary Cycletrack

Looking at the cycle track pilot numbers


The budget of the Cycle Track was set at $7,100,0001. The spending according to the City of Calgary at the end of the pilot was , which is  of the cycle track budget

If you look at the  trips done over the lifespan of the cycle track pilot project, you can see that this comes to  spent per trip.


When the pilot started, the average collisions per year was . Since the track has been put in place, there is now 1. Assuming a cost to the city of 2, this comes to a savings of  per year.


Assuming airport tunnel construction costs came to 2. Assuming the same dollar-per-trip construction value,3 you would see  trips, or roughly  trips/day.4


  1. Centre City Cycle Track Network Pilot Project Final Report
  2. I was unable to find the report that had exact numbers. If you know where I can get the exact numbers, please contact me with a link to the report.
  3. This is an apples-to-oranges comparison. Different projects have different strategic value to the city.
  4. To my knowledge no exact numbers exist. If you know where these can be retrieved, please contact me !